In the studio, FINNEY creates and curates original abstract art and large scale, experiential art installations for commercial spaces. We push boundaries and embrace multi-material layering to create terrains and portal-like experiences. We design and build new concepts and alter one-of-a-kind found objects to make them more functional and/or add a little extra panache.

FINNEY intentionally collects unique items, often vintage pieces, but we do not discriminate between what speaks to us. It’s important to us that we source materials mainly that have already existed and had former lives in the world to help promote sustainability – and to us, its just more fun to hunt! We offer one-of-a-kind art and objects for sale on our online shop.

FINNEY is the creative manifestation of lifelong artist, collector, and interior designer, Angela Finney. She happily works from her private studio in the tiny mountain town of Marshall, NC.