Photo by Marta Sasinowska / Practice Studies


Print & Object is honored to announce the release of a new series of sculptural works by Western North Carolina-based artist Angela Finney. Mighty trophies of unexpected proportions, Finney’s sculptures playfully contradict notions of order, scale, and structure in celebration of precarious pairings, imaginative anatomy, and energetic color.

Derived in part from found objects, Finney’s sculptures are imbued with layers of material history. Surface texture and slight imperfections enliven each work with a lineage of past life, a patina of personality. Partnered with newly designed forms, this union of found and made objects creates a juxtaposition of the readymade and hand-crafted. Installed together, these sculptures form a community that speaks to Finney’s interest in social nature, questioning competition, and the sense of self.