POP UP SHOP curated by Print & Object

Print and Object’s premiere pop-up shop event in partnership with The Center of Order and Experimentation.

Print and Object is hosting a one-day opening celebration that will occur on February 11th from 11-5 PM, CST, where people can come out and see installations of P&O’s limited edition artistic series and bespoke objects in person.

Showcasing works by  Claire Ashley, Raul De Lara, Angela Finney, Allie Kushnir, Sarah Leuchtner, E.C. Miller, and Roland Santana, this can’t miss pop-up event brings together an exceptional selection of contemporary artists in one space. The installation will feature works on paper, paintings, inflatable sculptures, wood and mixed media sculptures,woven tapestries, and more.  After you see the works, have a chat with P&O founders Anna Cerniglia and Kate Pollasch about the artists, living with unique pieces, and embracing contemporary art in your everyday life.

Can’t make it on February 11th, that’s okay! Print and Object’s pop-up will be installed and available to shop in person through March 11th. Conveniently located at 1727 W Grand Ave, Chicago, IL 60622, The Center is a retail experience not to be missed, purveying playful quality goods for home and life. Print and Object is honored to collaborate with The Center for our inaugural pop-up event and month-long partnership. 

The Center of Order and Experimentation
1727 W Grand Ave., Chicago, IL  February 11th – March 11th 2023

HOT HOUSE curated by Eva Conrad

As late capitalism has slowly drifted toward a handmade movement, alongside the many have begun to indulge back in hand-making. Hot House brings together a diverse group of artists whose work is part of the current resurgence of the pattern and decoration movement in response to the white washing minimalism of gentrification aesthetics. Instead, maximalism and vibrant color provide an aesthetic of optimism that gestures back to traditionally more democratic forms of folk art and craft. Hot House features both local and national artists.

Bunker Projects, 5106 Penn Ave, ​Pittsburgh, PA  January 6th – February 3rd 2023

ACTS OF KINDNESS for Print + Object

Print & Object is honored to announce the release of a new series of sculptural works by Western North Carolina-based artist Angela Finney. Mighty trophies of unexpected proportions, Finney’s sculptures playfully contradict notions of order, scale, and structure in celebration of precarious pairings, imaginative anatomy, and energetic color.

Derived in part from found objects, Finney’s sculptures are imbued with layers of material history. Surface texture and slight imperfections enliven each work with a lineage of past life, a patina of personality. Partnered with newly designed forms, this union of found and made objects creates a juxtaposition of the readymade and hand-crafted. Installed together, these sculptures form a community that speaks to Finney’s interest in social nature, questioning competition, and the sense of self.

Photo by Marta Sasinowska / Practice Studies

MATERIALIZED solo exhibition

Through the fascination of the humanistic act of collecting competitive awards, Finney creates abstract geometric objects of merit for a la la land where humans forget greed and power, and aim to simply be better people in a society where community comes first. Playful, bold and humble badges, trophies, and emblems in blocks of color speak truth in their materiality as visual reminders of lifelong achievements.

Living Room Gallery, Chicago October 7th – November 8th 2022